Ag Central

On-Air Ag Program Schedule Monday-Friday (Times are approximate)

5:00 AM: National Ag News – Brownfield Radio
5:03 AM: Healthy Living – Brownfield Radio
5:05 AM: COW97 National Farm Markets
5:15 AM: Farm Progress America with Max Armstrong
5:30 AM: Dairy Radio Now with Bill Baker
5:35 AM: Wisconsin Ag News – Brownfield Radio
5:50 AM: COW97 Local Farm Markets
5:52 AM: COW97 Ag Forecast
5:54 AM: Managing for Profit – Brownfield Radio



5:00 AM: COW97 Ag Weekend Wrap – Brownfield Radio
5:20 AM: Dairy Radio Minute
5:30 AM: Dairy Radio Rewind with Bill Baker
5:50 AM: Farm Progress America
6:16 AM: Best of Healthy Living – Brownfield Radio

The latest Wisconsin ag stories from Brownfield can be found by clicking HERE.