Rachel Chase

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Hey there, I’m Rachel Chase and I’m super stoked that you’re coming along with me in the afternoon on COW97.


Born and raised in small town Bonduel, Wisconsin where I grew up surrounded by extended family. I spent my younger years playing volleyball, basketball and softball as well as attending many football and baseball games. Yeah, I like sports, which is where I got my start in broadcasting as a PA announcer for the Bonduel Broncos. I still announce when I go back to visit my hometown in the summer.


I graduated from UWSP with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and also attended Radio 1 Broadcast School. Since graduating from Radio 1, my career has taken me to stations in Shawano, WI, Garden City, KS, Hibbing, MN, La Crosse, WI and now I’ve landed at COW97.


I have dabbled in all kinds of music, but country music is definitely my favorite. I love going to concerts and have been lucky enough to meet several artists.


When I’m not playing radio, there are several places you can find me. I could be at home binge watching TV shows and movies with the fiance or cuddling with my dog, Maverick. I could be out shopping, or you could find me at a local establishment tipping a few back….all viable options.

Rachel was awarded “Best Radio Show” for 2020 from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association